FOBA President, Ruthven Thompson

President – Ruthven Thompson (Class of 91)
Senior Vice-President – Kevin Crosby (Class of 92)
Immediate Past President – Dwight Andrews (Class of 82)
Secretary – Ronald Williams (Class of 90)
V.P. Strategic Operations – Rawle Annandsingh (Class of 91)
V.P. Finance – Graeme Ottley (Class of 84)
V.P. Sports & Extra Curricular Activities – Christian Flemming (Class of 99)

Akil Meyers (Class of 2004)
Burt Bushell (Class of 94)
Christian Camacho (Class of 2003)
Colin Darmanie (Class of 89)
Curtis Gosein (Class of 93)
Darren Nicholas (Class of 92)
Hayden Alexander (Class of 74)
Kent Jeary (Class of 82)
Noel Aming (Class of 68) 
Raymond Samms (Class of 84)
Rene De Gannes (Class of 79)


Historian – Keith Simpson (Class of 68)

Office Manager – Dexter Hosein

Teacher Liaison – Kevin Wells

Alumni – Kevin Yung
Sponsorship – Carlton Weekes (Class of 94)
Events – Carlos Cedeno (Class of 87)
Recognition and Benefits – Jason Aguiton (Class of 91)

Details on the roles and objectives of each sub-committee can be viewed here.

FOBA Management Committee: Front row L-R: Carlton Weekes, Christian Flemming, Ronald Williams, Ruthven Thompson, Kevin Crosby, Graeme Ottley, Rawle Annandsingh, Dwight Andrews. Back row L-R: Jason Aguiton, Noel Aming, Hayden Alexander, Carlos Cedeno, Darren Nicholas, Kevin Wells, Dexter Hosein, Akil Meyers, Kevin Yung. Missing: Burt Bushell, Christian Camacho, Colin Darmanie, Curtis Gosein, Kent Jeary, Raymond Samms, Rene De Gannes