The Fatima College crest was selected by the first principal, Father Byrne, and placed on the Fatima flag, which was officially blessed by His Grace the Archbishop Count Finbar Ryan O.P on May 13th, 1947.


Azure, six roses, one two and three, argent. On a chief or, a dove disclosed arriere head in point proper, within a cruciferous nimbus of the second.


The principal tinctures of the main part of the shield, blue and white (silver), are Our Lady’s colors.

The heraldic roses represent the six apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima or “The Lady of the Rosary”, as Mary called herself, to Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia in which she admonished them to say the Rosary devoutly. The Rosary of Mary Mediatrix in reparation for sins is the very essence of her visitations. The number of roses, six, lending itself to the formation of a triangle, the ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity, refers to the name of the island on which the college is located, Trinidad.

The chief (upper compartment) displays a dove in its natural color on a field of precious metal (gold), to indicate that the Holy Ghost Fathers are in charge of the college. This is the usual location of Congregational or Order arms. The Holy Ghost, represented by the dove, is the emblem of the congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers.

It is interesting to note that the colors of the flag or Portugal, where our Lady appeared at Fatima, were blue and white before the revolution of 1910. Even then the revolution did not disturb the coat of arms on the original flag, which is ascribed to Alfonso (1139 A.D.) who defeated five Moorish princes and, to commemorate the victory, adopted a coat of arms bearing five blue shields with five white circles. Blue and white have always been the colors of “Terra de Santa Maria” (Portugal) since. It is said that the circles symbolize the five wounds of Christ through whose intervention Alfonso believed he was able to overcome the Moorish infidels.


The first principal Father Byrne selected the Fatima motto, Nitendo Vinces – By Striving You Conquer, which exemplifies the essential ideals of the college. It reminds the students of Fatima College that success comes from preparation as much by inspiration.


The Fatima College song was composed by Father Anthony Pantin, who became Archbishop Anthony Pantin in 1968, and was designed to uplift the students of the college and its past pupils, to give them pride in their school which at the time was not considered a first choice college. It was written with the spirit of Fatima College that of comradeship amongst its students and faculty members, and of its motto Nitendo Vinces – By Striving You Conquer, and of the loyalty of its past students, once a Fatima boy, always a Fatima boy.

Fatima boys come answer to the call,

From far and wide,

Shoulder to shoulder ever marching on,

God be our guide,

Fearless and true,

Loyal to you,

O Alma Mater firmly one,

Strive on

Fatima boys

Strive on.