The Fatima College crest was selected by the first principal, Father Byrne, and placed on the Fatima flag, which was officially blessed by His Grace the Archbishop Count Finbar Ryan O.P on May 13th, 1947.

The Holy Ghost, represented by the dove, is the emblem of the congregation of the Holy Ghost Fathers. The six white roses represent the six apparitions of Our Lady (the Mystical Rose) to the children of Fatima, Portugal. Blue is traditionally Our Lady’s colour and the white dove against a gold background is the specific colours of Our Lady of Fatima.


The first principal Father Byrne selected the Fatima motto, Nitendo Vinces – By Striving You Conquer, which exemplifies the essential ideals of the college.


The Fatima College song was composed by Father Anthony Pantin, who became Archbishop Anthony Pantin in 1968, and was designed to uplift the students of the college and its past pupils, to give them pride in their school which at the time was not considered a first choice college. It was written with the spirit of Fatima College that of comradeship amongst its students and faculty members, and of its motto Nintendo Vinces – By Striving You Conquer, and of the loyalty of its past students, once a Fatima boy, always a Fatima boy.

Fatima boys come answer to the call,

From far and wide,

Shoulder to shoulder ever marching on,

God be our guide,

Fearless and true,

Loyal to you,

O Alma Mater firmly one,

Strive on

Fatima boys

Strive on.