The Fatima Old Boys Association (FOBA) is a voluntary organization founded in 1966 with its first President being Mr. Derek Johnson. As stated in its constitution, its primary objective is to lend support and assistance to Fatima College, its staff, and students.

Part of this is achieved through two major annual fund-raisers namely: The Salt & Pepper Cook-Out held in October and our Carnival Fete. We also give support in the running of a couple of stalls at the school’s annual Mayfair.

We, along with the Parents Support Group and the Fatima College Stakeholders Committee, are the three main groups responsible for all plans and decisions made for the school and the implementation of them.

The Old Boys Association feels that its contribution to the College has become even more necessary in these perverse times. We hope that the example we set will be recognized especially by the present students of the College, so that upon completion of their educational journey at this institution, they can hold their heads high as young men of sound morals and values willing to serve their community, their country and by no means least of all, their Alma Mater – Fatima College.

The Objectives of the Association are as follows:

a) To foster an active interest in the affairs and activities of the alma mater – Fatima College.

b) To provide a forum for social interaction among all past pupils of Fatima College.

c) To support Fatima College, its principal, staff, pupils and the Board of Management in the best interests of the College.

d) To provide such advice and financial assistance as the resources and expertise of the Association permits.

e) To support, contribute to and work in association with any other body or individual which may be working towards similar or related objectives.

f) To do all such lawful things as are incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.

The FOBA Constitution is viewable here.