sub-committee1We at FOBA are looking for fellow alumni to join us and get involved in some of our sub-committees. The FOBA sub-committees are a great way for you to give back to Fatima by offering of your time and expertise.

What are the FOBA sub-committees ?

In addition to the main Executive Committee, there are four (4) sub – committees which aid in fulfilling the objectives of the Association, these include : Alumni Committee, Recognition and Benefits Committee, Sponsorship Committee and the Events Committee. Each committee reports to the FOBA executive and is comprised of alumni from various years. There is no restrictions to membership and the only requirement is that you have to have attended Fatima College.

What do the FOBA sub-committees do ?

Some of the functions of the committees include :Alumni Committee

  • Responsible for maintaining and developing a database of all alumni; recruiting alumni into active FOBA participation.
  • Manages all communication with the alumni, i.e. website, newsletters, social media, etc.
  • Fosters the development of the alumni network into something that all members can tap into for advice by maximizing the engagement of the alumni at large.

Recognition & Benefits Committee

  • Responsible for creating and managing benefits accessible to FOBA members
  • Manages all aspects of Alumni Recognition/Hall of Fame
  • Manages the recognition of significant FOBA & Fatima benefactors such as teachers, sponsors, etc.

Sponsorship Committee

  • Responsible for all forms of sponsorship, ensuring that FOBA gets maximum value from all marketable assets (including but not limited to events like the Fete and Cookout, sporting events and the Sports Ground itself, websites, newsletters and new media marketing).
  • Manages the relationships with individual sponsors.

Events Committee

  • Responsible for organising existing events and developing ideas for new events.
  • Works closely with the Alumni committee for the organising of camaraderie events that bring alumni together.

So, if you are interested in serving on any of the sub-committees please contact the FOBA office at 628-4735 or via email,