At 25 years of age, Dax Carter (Class of 2005) is rated by some as Trinidad’s leading electric guitarist. He founded his own band, ‘Krash’, in 2005 and is currently the lead guitarist of Orange Sky. He is also the member of the band The Cartars, with his siblings Marie and Phillip. Besides his main instrument, the electric guitar, he also plays the piano. He was prepared to take the grade 8 practical piano exam but he was prevented from doing so by a near-fatal car crash plus the death of his Dad within the same year.

Dax Cartar is inspired to be the Franz Liszt of Guitar, inspired by the technique, passion and genius of the renowned composer. Marty Friedman, Slash, Rhandy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell are all guitar greats that have influenced and shaped Dax’s guitar playing prowess.

His skills come at a price however, proving the importance of hard work and perseverance. Dax claims that on a good day, he can practise up to 18 hours. Yes, eighteen hours!! This includes 10 hrs on piano and 8 hrs on guitar. He awakes at 8 a.m and after a hot drink and sometimes breakfast, he begins his musician’s regiment, practising piano till about 3pm, when he switches to guitar. Lunch is usually squeezed in around 4pm, and then he continues practicing till late-night/early-morning hours switching between piano and guitar. This sort of routine has led to bad eating habits but varies depending on if he has a band practice, a gig or a lime. He mainly eats dinner if he’s out liming, usually consisting of avenue food such as a gyro or doubles. Dax wants to be a virtuoso electric guitarist first, then a virtuoso classical pianist and through that kind of 18 hr hard work and sacrifice he intends to achieve this. He is supported totally by his family comprising his mom and his siblings, Marie and Phillip (performed at All-inclusive with Dil-e-Nadan) who have both chosen a similar musical path.

At Fatima College, Dax performed with an early incarnation of Krash for his Form 5 graduation, playing “In the End” by Linkin Park. The band evolved and members changed throughout Form 6 as they performed for a couple school functions, including a Christmas Party hosted by Form 6 for orphanage children. His classmates, Rhys Libert, Vincent Gabriel, his brother Phillip Cartar and himself eventually officially formed Krash in 2005 with lead singer, Chris Badal (Trinity Old Boy).

Dax recounted fun times in Fatima, leaving school early with friends to go Audio Concepts music store (run by Fatima Old Boy, Robert Johnson at the time) to jam on the instruments. They usually told the school’s guard that they were heading to visit the Princess Elizabeth Home. The form 6 dean, Mr. Seemungal, was expectedly upset at them whenever he ever found out. Dax is especially thankful however to Mr. Brash, Ms. Cumberbatch and Ms. Duff amongst other teachers that always supported him and believed in him. He said that Ms. Duff still makes time to come to his shows up to today. At Fatima, he also had the opportunity to meet and jam with other musician friends, Christopher Bhageratty, Stefan Roach and Johann Chuckaree.

The band ‘Krash’

Life has been nothing short of exciting for Dax and Krash so far. The very inspiration for the name of the band is rooted in a near-fatal accident involving some of the members. Their loud practice sessions, at one time in the residential Westmoorings had led an annoyed neighbour to calling the police. It is all part of the world of rock and roll, not to mention the numerous chicks that are in love with Dax’s guitar skills. Clad with a few tattoos, long, curly hair and hoop earrings, he certainly looks the part too. It is quite surprising to note that he is actually a practicing Catholic, grounded in his faith.

Among Dax’s goals is the intent to transform his favourite composers’ best compositions into his own rock and roll symphonies. He also longs to attend the Franz Liszt Conservatory in Hungary to enhance his composition and performance skills. “I am obsessed with Franz Liszt and Chopin. They are like yin and yang to me.”

“I dream to be on an international stage as a virtuoso on both ends of spectrum, both piano and guitar, earning enough money to own a world class practice room, state of the art equipment and to be able to record regularly.”

Career Highlights

2005 – Krash was formed. The band performed on a stage on a pool for the launch;

2007 – Travelled to L.A. with Krash for the World Championship for Performing Arts. The band won:

◦     Gold Medal for Original Material,

◦     Silver Medal for Cover Material and

◦     Industry Medal.

2010 – Joined Orange Sky. The exposure obtained from joining Orange Sky, enabled Dax to get sponsors. “Special thanks to Anthony De Silva (Fatima Old Boy) and friends from Look Opticians for sponsoring some of my musical gear.”

2011 – Obtained a coaching position in Orange Sky’s School of Rock;

2011 – Performed at Tobago Jazz with Orange Sky;

2011 – Opened for Evanescence in Trinidad with Orange Sky. Dax got his first “arena solo” opportunity;

2011 – Krash performed with Alternative Quartet in Miss T&T;

2011 – Hired to play background piano for SAM’s graduation 2011 thanks to Nigel Rojas;

2011 – Performed an original solo composition titled ‘Ode to Japan’ (inspired by the tsunami events) at the opening of a workshop at NAPA for world famous guitarist, Michael Angelo Batio.


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