The latest issue of the FOBA Newsletter ‘Beyond the Grey Shirt’ is out. This interactive issue features direct links to online content. Download your copy here. Among the featured articles in this issue are:
  • Living the Grey Shirt – Sekon Sta
  • Images from Fatima 2019 All-Inclusive Carnival Fete, ‘This Is How It’s Done’
  • Images from FOBA’s ‘Jus Bring It’ Cooler Fete
  • #FatimaFlashback
  • Living the Grey Shirt – Ryan Pankar, Patrick Alexis and Nuphoric
  • Images from FOBA’s ‘Splash on Land – The Cooler Event’
Issues 1 through 27 are available for download at the newsletters page. If you have your own business and would like to have copies of the newsletter to proudly display in your office or waiting room, then please email to request your FREE copies.