Andrew Fitt
2015 Hall of Achievement Inductee
Fatima Years: 1988-1993

Here is the story of Andrew ‘The Amazing’ Fitt—a Fatima boy who turned his name into a Commitment…and proved it to be true! This is best told by Andrew himself, in the first person:

I was born on August 9th 1973, in St. Lucia.
I suffered from lack of oxygen during birth, and thus Cerebral Palsy. This condition affected my motor-control as well as my speech. I only learned to walk when I was nine-years-old.

My family moved to Trinidad in the late 1970s, hoping that this country would offer me better chances. They worked hard to provide me a decent education, and this paid off when I sat Common Entrance at Princess Elizabeth Centre and was accepted into Fatima in 1988!

I used an electric typewriter to do my work, including almost all the regular subjects (except Art, Technical Drawing, and PE). Over time I dropped the subjects that proved difficult for me (Spanish, French, Science, etc).
I made life-long friends, attended football matches, and took part and pride in being a Fatima Boy. I had good days and bad days, like everyone else. But I graduated in 1995 with three CXC passes—English, Math, and Geography.

Leaving Fatima, I attended ROYTEC; then off on my own in 1996 to earn an Associate degree in 3D Animation from International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida, in 1998. Returning to Trinidad in 1998, I became a professional artist; staged several solo exhibitions, and took part in ‘Art Basel Miami’. I also taught Graphic Art at Princess Elizabeth Centre.

I wrote a short autobiography entitled “Aching To Be”, published in July 2015. I am currently writing my full life story, hopefully to be completed within the next two years.


Thank you Fatima College, for playing an important role in my becoming the man I am today.