At the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 15 June 2010 elections were held for some positions in the Executive Management Committee. Following are the results of those elections:

Vice President – Stafford Yorke (re-elected)
Secretary – Graeme Ottley (re-elected)
Assistant Treasurer – George Lee Shee (newly elected)

Ordinary Members
– Trevor De Landro (re-elected)
– Kenny Young (re-elected)
– Hayden Alexander (re-elected)
– Raymond Samms (newly elected)
– Alfiba Gill (newly elected)

FOBA Management Committee: Front row L-R: Graeme Ottley, Noel Aming, Barry DAvis, Stafford Yorke, Dwight Andrews, Ruthven Thompson Back row L-R: George Lee Shee, Derek De Gannes, Raymond Samms, Kevin Crosby, Trevor De Landro, Afiba Gill, Roger D’Abadie, Newman George, Kenny Young, Hayden Alexander, Keith Simpson



The President’s Report for the period 2009 to 2010 can be seen here.

To meet the full committee go to the ‘About Us page.