By Aidan Mohammed

Markus Smith and Ryan Maingot

Markus Smith and Ryan Maingot

Nostalgia filled the air on the 8th of July, 2012 as the graduating class of 2004/2006 gathered, for an evening of sports, drinks and laughter at the Fatima College Grounds. A reunion of some sort was always one of the main objectives when Stefan Roach created the Alumni page on the popular social networking site, Facebook. The idea for a ”sports lime” was posted in the group by myself and received a very positive response. A survey was done to see when most guys would be available and so the date was chosen. Akil Myers contacted the principal, Father Gregory for the use of Fatima Ground, and then the plan was ready for action.

We decided to dedicate the sports lime to our lost classmates and brothers, Ryan Maingot and Markus Smith and it came to be known as the ”Markus Smith and Ryan Maingot Memorial Sports Lime”. Ryan died in a tragic car accident in 2007 and Markus drowned while trying to save his girlfriend, on a hike in 2008. .

One by one the guys gathered at the grounds from around 3:30pm. We parked in the college and walked to the field. For some this was the first time stepping foot on the compound since 2004 and the feeling was something special, as this was the place we had spent 5-7yrs of our life.

The guys spent the first hour or two catching up with one another while sipping on some cold beverages, then after exchanging pleasantries it was time to play some football. Games were running both on the grass and on the famous tennis court. One could observe that we were not the young energetic boys we used to be; most were blowing heavily after running for just 3 minutes! The games ended at around 6:15pm and we sat around enjoying the remainder of the refreshments.

In trying to keep with the theme of the event, we formed a circle and Jamal Smart began the brief ceremony, where we reminisced about some great moments with our brothers, Markus and Ryan. One could not help but get a little teary eyed. Markus’ younger sister, Monique, was also present. The ceremony ended with the famous chant, ”Fatima Boys are Good Boys” and we then sang the college song.

Father Gregory later visited and spent some time chatting as the great evening came to an end. The night was going so well that some took the lime to Movie Towne while others went to the Avenue.

The lime was truly a success and it promises to be the first of many. We encourage all graduating classes to keep in contact with one another after you leave the College and maintain the great brotherhood of Fatima Boys.