What could be better than having your choice of fine food and dessert with an Open Bar? How about adding the smooth sounds of Jazz on the menu?

On 15th October 2016, join the Fatima Old Boys Association to enjoy the culinary delights of 100 chefs featuring an exquisite range of food and desserts and an Open Bar!

And once you’ve satisfied your taste buds, enjoy the rest of the night listening to the sweet, smooth jazzy notes brought to you by a cast of Jazz artistes:
– Tony Paul and his ensemble
– Mikhail Salcedo
– Llettesha Sylvester
and more…..

The event runs from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm (dinner is served from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm), and the entertainment starts at 9:00 pm.

There are 2 types of tickets available and they are available from the FOBA office (628-4735) or from any of the Committee members listed below:
$350 – All Inclusive of Food, Drinks & Jazz
$275 – Inclusive of Drinks & Jazz

FOBA is also on the lookout for cooks who can contribute new, exciting, tasty dishes to the cause to help make the event an even greater success. So if yuh have ah real sweet hand and know how to bubble a pot come show off your skills!

Details are as follows :

  • Each cook will be responsible for a meat dish (chicken, lamb, pork, etc) or seafood dish
  • Each dish must cater to serve 60 people
  • All staples and salads will be provided by FOBA
  • All cooks are asked to either sponsor the ingredients for their dishes themselves or get someone to sponsor them
  • Cooks are entitled to free entry to the event as well as complimentary drinks on the night.

There is also the option to cater or provide a dish, or sponsor a dish. For further information, please contact the FOBA Office at 628-4735 or foba2012@live.com.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Flow, The Security Zone, Coca-Cola, Seaboard Marine, KCL Capital Market Brokers, A.S. Brydens & Sons, Angostura and Blue Waters.

FOBA Committee Members

Dwight Andrews
Burt Bushell
Carlos Cedeno
Christian Flemming
Colin Darmanie
Dexter Hosein
Graeme Ottley
Hayden Alexander
Jason Aguiton
Kent Jeary
Kevin Crosby
Kevin Wells
Mitchell De Silva
Noel Aming
Rawle Annandsingh
Raymond Samms
Rene De Gannes
Ronald Williams
Ruthven Thompson
Steven Luk Pat
Trevor De Landro
Keith Simpson