Memorium to Mervyn Moore (7 Dec 1939 – 20 May 2020)

We would like to announce that the funeral service for the late Mervyn Moore, Principal of Fatima College (1981-1999) will be held on Wednesday 27th May 2020, followed by a private cremation at Belgroves Funeral Home and Crematorium.

The funeral service  will be recorded live and a recording of the proceedings will be posted on FOBA’s Facebook page at 10:30 am tomorrow (27th May, 2020).

Those wishing to send condolence messages to the family or share stories of Mr. Moore can do so on the Mervyn Moore Memorial Website

There are to be no flowers by request of the family. However, donations can be made in his name to either The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, or The Living Water Hospice.

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Mervyn Moore was born on December 7th, 1939, one of seven children to Louis and Evelyn Moore of Belmont.

He began his teaching career at Fatima College in 1959, and imparted over his years subjects including Geography, History, English Language and Religion. Mervyn received his B.A. Hon (Ext) Degree from London University and his Diploma of Education from the University of the West Indies.

In the Seventies, Mr Moore served as Dean of Forms Three, Four, Five and Six. He was appointed Vice-Principal in September 1976, and Principal in 1981. He retired in December 1999 as one of the longest serving Fatima teachers, and as Principal for 18 years. 

Mr. Moore married Zena Aqui and had four children: Anthony, Richard, Louis and Cathy. Mervyn was fundamentally a family man, deeply devoted to his wife, children and his extended family. His faith was central, having been born to staunch Catholic parents and during his years as a student at St. Mary’s College being schooled in the philosophy of the Scout Troop run by Fr. Toba Valdez. Mervyn Moore was a daily communicant.

Mr. Moore had a keen interest in sports, particularly football and sailing. At the work level, he was never reluctant to do the most menial of tasks, even as Principal of the College.  Having his share of personal challenges, never once did he complain about his fate, he saw it all as God’s work.  

He forged deep and lasting loyal friendships over the years. As an Administrator, his reputation was that if you did not agree with him there was never the fear that he would use that against you. 

His constancy and buoyant personality will always be cherished.


Available to view on YouTube are the following:

His retirement ceremony:

A dedication video featuring an interview with Mr. Moore following his retirement

His funeral at Fatima College: