cottThe matter involving allegation of infringement of copyright brought by Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) versus Fatima Old Boys Association (FOBA) and its President Mr. Dwight Andrews was heard and determined on 14th July 2014 before Madam Justice Charmaine Pemberton at the Hall of Justice, Port of Spain.

Attorneys at Law Keith Scotland and Jacqueline Chang appeared for the Defendants. After hearing the Attorneys for both sides, the matter was resolved in favour of both Mr Andrews and FOBA, as it was realized and accepted that there was no case to be made out against either of the named parties. Costs in the matter are to be paid to Mr. Andrews and FOBA.

FOBA always maintained that it paid copyright fees in accordance with the prescribed guidelines outlined by the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The discontinuation of this matter can be seen as a victory for all promoters who follow the law as prescribed by the Copyright Act without being subjected to bullying tactics.
Mr. Andrews stated “COTT’s methods leave a lot to be desired. Their prices cannot be explained and vary significantly from their competitor. They attempted to have us appear irresponsible, when in fact it is they who could not prove their case. Their strategy, it seems, was to have us cower and back down. However, had they done their research they would know that Fatima’s motto is ‘Nitendo Vinces’ which means by striving you shall conquer”.

Mr Andrews continued that FOBA is willing to work with COTT and any other organisation as long as their practices and prices fall in line with international norms.