FOBA Management Committee: Front row L-R: Graeme Ottley, Mitchell De Silva, Ruthven Thompson, Dwight Andrews, Hayden Alexander, Rawle Annandsingh, Kevin Wells, Kent Jeary Back row L-R: Rene De Gannes, Noel Aming, Colin Darmanie, Ronald Williams, Christian Flemming, Raymond Samms, Carlos Cedeno, Dexter Hosein, Jason Aguiton. Missing: Burt Bushell, Kevin Crosby, Steven Luk Pat, Trevor De Landro, Keith Simpson

FOBA Management Committee:
Front row L-R: Keith Simpson, Kevin Crosby, Dwight Andrews, Ruthven Thompson, Hayden Alexander, Trevor De Landro
Back row L-R: Rawle Annandsingh, Dexter Hosein, Christian Flemming, Raymond Samms, Burt Bushell, Noel Aming, Colon Darmanie, Carlos Cedeno, Graeme Ottley, Steven Luk Pat, Laurence Mc Master, Rene De Gannes, Kent Jeary
Missing: Jason Aquiton. Mitchell De Silva

The AGM recently held on Tuesday 30th June was opened with a prayer by Fr. Gregory and the President’s Report for the period 2014 to 2015 (available for download here) which was read by President Dwight Andrews.

Changes to the constitution were proposed, discussed and eventually passed by unanimous vote. The changes were as follows:

• Vice President position was changed to Senior Vice President
• Treasurer position was changed to V.P. Finance
• Assistant Secretary position was changed to V.P. Strategic Operations
• Assistant Treasurer position was changed to V.P. Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

The new Constitution can be viewed here.

Following reports by each sub-committee chairman, elections were held.

The elected Officers were:

• President – Mr. Dwight Andrews (unopposed)
• Treasurer / V.P. Finance – Mr. Mitchell De Silva (unopposed)
• Assistant Secretary / V.P. Strategic Operations – Mr. Rawle Annandsingh (unopposed)
• Ordinary Members – Mr. Kevin Crosby, Mr. Rene De Gannes, Mr. Trevor De Landro, Mr. Burt Bushell, Mr. Steven Luk Pat

The elected sub-committee chairmen were:

• Alumni – Mr. Colin Darmanie
• Sponsorship – Mr. Kent Jeary
• Events – Mr. Carlos Cedeno
• Benefits and Recognition – Mr. Jason Aguiton

Congratulations go out to all the returning officers and the newly elected members.

In the subsequent first meeting of the new Executive Committee, Fatima College Teaching Staff Liaison ex-officio member, Mr. Kevin Wells, was elected to the position of V.P. Sports & Extra Curricular Activities. This was to fill the gap that was left when Assistant Treasurer, Laurence McMaster resigned from the committee due to his upcoming migration from Trinidad.