The Class of 1986 had its 30th reunion in December 2016.  Building upon the tradition established during their 25th reunion in 2011 the class once again reached out to Fr Gregory to identify a need that they could collectively undertake as a project in order to give back to their alma mater.  In 2012 they successfully provided the computer lab with new computers. This time the refurbishment of the biology lab was identified as the need that would be addressed. The lab pictured below required an upgrade to address deficiencies, risks and create a better environment for the students to perform experiments.
Main Area
Main Lab Area
Lab Assistant Room
Rear Area out of Main Classroom

The project took just under two years to come to realization inclusive of the fundraising effort and the actual execution of the project which due to its nature could only occur over the July / August holidays.  The design of the lab was done by architect Alison Grosberg of Designworks Ltd. who kindly donated her time and that of her team members to the project.

Funds were raised from generous contributions from the corporate community and the members of the Class of 1986 themselves.