By Glen Roach.

Mrs. Hubbard retired from teaching in 2013.

Marion Hubbard falls into that category of so many Fatima teachers who believe that their duties extend way beyond the classroom. An excellent Geography teacher, a competent and creative dean, a highly efficient class teacher, Marion immersed herself in the life of Fatima. Mayfair, Salt n’ Pepper Cook-Out, All Inclusive Fete, David Rudder Concert, Gifts of Blue and Gold, whatever the activity, she was involved. She developed a reputation for efficiency and reliability.

Like so many of Fatima’s female staff, Marion attended Holy Name Convent. She taught at Mucurapo Girls’ RC School for three years before leaving for UWI to study Geography. She graduated in 1978, taught for a year in Tranquility before coming to Fatima, her home until her retirement in 2013.

She always struck me as someone who loved and mastered her subject area. The students recognized her competence and many past pupils named her as one of their most influential teachers. The list includes the present Governor of the Central Bank, Jwala Rambarran, who cited her as one of the teachers who impacted upon his life.

In 1996, the then Principal, Mervyn Moore appointed Marion as Form One dean. This gave her the opportunity to unleash her true potential. She set upon this task with tremendous enthusiasm and embarked upon a myriad of activities assisted by librarian, Yasmin Warrick and A.V. technician, Francis Songie.

The range of activities is staggering – Talent show, Spelling Bee, Lunchtime Concert, Kite Flying, Clean Class Competition, Voices of Tomorrow Newsletter, Inter Class Cricket and Football Competition, Visits to the Geriatric Home, Military Museum, Macqueripe, Lopinot, Maracas , Wednesday Rap Sessions with local personalities, Class Parties, Cake Sales and other Fund Raising ventures.

I always considered the Wednesday Rap Sessions a brilliant idea comparable with the activity period that was introduced in 1976. Every Wednesday, a well-known personality came to Fatima to give a talk and answer questions from the boys. They listened to talks from Gary Cummings, Tony Prescott, Dave Lamy, Ian Bishop, Shaka Hislop, Luta, Black Sage, Ken Philmore, Freddie Kissoon, Brother Resistance, Dr. Janet Stanley-Marcano, Shurwayne Winchester, Los Alumnos de San Juan, Miguel Browne , Errol Fabien, Nikki Crosby, Tony Harford and others.

These weekly talks benefitted the boys in so many ways. They met local personalities and listened to their life stories. Some learnt to introduce speakers and give thank you speeches. They heard about career choices, learnt about saving and investments from Unit Trust, the environment from EMA, got a lesson in fishing from Alloy Le Ha complete with fishing nets and caring for your animals by Veterinarian Dr Pidduck.

I spoke extensively with librarian, Yasmin Warrick, who worked closely with Marion on most of these projects. She joined Fatima’s staff in 1996, the very year Marion became dean. She considers Marion her mentor, an open, honest, efficient person, at times very demanding. She admired her relationships with the non-teaching members of staff. Marion provided them with delicious banana bread. Many staff members benefitted from her superb baking skills. Unfortunately, I did not make the team.

Marion praised the camaraderie and commitment of Fatima’s staff. The teachers were dedicated and always prepared to go the extra mile for the good of the boys. They genuinely loved Fatima. She is highly impressed with the enthusiasm of the young teachers and is convinced that Fatima’s future is in good hands. She admires Father Gregory’s emphasis upon the Catholic culture of the school. Obviously the high point of her career was her tenure as Form One Dean.

Marion’s departure signals the end of the Clive Pantin era in Fatima College. She and fellow retiree Francisco Garcia were the last two teachers hired by Clive Pantin to retire. Thank you Marion for your tremendous contribution to the total life of the great institution that is Fatima College.