Fr. Farfan with Brian Lara

Fr. Farfan with Brian Lara

Passed away 28 January 2014

by Keith Simpson

This morning we heard the sad news that Father Gerard Farfan had died. Father Farfan made an invaluable/indelible contribution to Fatima College, where he was vice-principal, Colleges’ Football, as an educator, and was a founding member of TTUTA.  He was also in charge of sports at the College and the Senior Dean of Studies.

About two months ago, Roger Duprey – the captain of the College’s first intercol team, Gally Cummings and I, had lunch with him at Spiritan house where he spent his last days.  He was in good spirits but was constantly on oxygen.  He recounted in detail the history of the Colleges league founded by himself in 1964, as he indicated that the colleges received no funding from the then TTFA.  With the advent of the Colleges League, the colleges generated income from intercol games, and were given the opportunity to collect money at their games. Please note that in 1964 the admission to games was 10 cents and intercol matches 25 cents.

The money which Fatima College collected was used in the building of the pavilion together with sales of sugar cakes in the 50’s, raffles and other fund raising events.  With respect to TTUTA Father Farfan was very vocal on behalf of the cause, and marched, headed public meetings and would have gotten some push back from the order.  He still stood up, and vociferously so for the cause of the teachers of Trinidad and Tobago, together with ex Principal Anthony Garcia.  He also gave the stories of how Gally and Earl Fough manager to attend Fatima College and resulted in our first intercol victory, and the beginning of students wanting to attend Fatima through our football heroics.

Farfs made his mark in football, working towards the well being of the teachers well being and improved salaries and working conditions, and of course his belt – he was able to give a good four lashes.

May he rest in peace.